Trees and Tree Care

Our trees are all Radiata Pine which we grow from seedlings.

Trees available for sale are generally 3 – 4 years old and have been individually pruned and trimmed throughout the years so they grow into a traditional bushy well shaped Xmas tree.

When you visit Santa’s Trees you are able to wander through the forest and choose your own tree. We are no longer tagging our trees for early sales. We will open in December where trees will be cut down and taken when purchased.

All trees will be the same price no matter if big or small.

We do not offer a delivery or pick-up service.

Looking After Your Tree

Trees should be placed in water within 30 – 45 minutes of being cut down as once it is cut a layer of sap forms which can harden and affect the trees ability to absorb water. If you are unable to place your tree in water straight away we recommend you trim 1 – 2 centimetres off the base of the tree before doing so.

Make sure your tree has a constant supply of fresh water particularly in the first few days of been cut as it will absorb approximately 2 – 4 litres per day.

Remember to regularly check and top up the water and your trees will stay fresh for 3 -4 weeks.

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Santa's Trees, 35 Awatoto Road, Meeanee, Napier
Phone: (021) 910469

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Santa's Trees
35 Awatoto Road
Meeanee, Napier

Phone: (021) 910469
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